Dear Valued Clients,

Please kindly be informed that our Instagram account ( has been compromised / hacked.

1. Please DO NOT disclose any of your personal details to the hackers.

2. Sunday Dreams Pte Ltd DO NOT conduct any transactions via Instagram Direct Message. All transactions are conducted on our official website (, and ALL payments made are made through official payment platforms, in line with our website provider, Shopify.

3. Sunday Dreams will not be liable for any transactions that are conducted outside of our official website.

4. DO NOT click on any link sent to you via direct messages.

5. Sunday Dreams Pte Ltd DO NOT sell/retail Jewellery items/ Diamonds or any other products that are marketed outside of the products that are listed on our official website.

6. DO NOT entertain any form of request sent to you on Instagram.

7. The instagram account is currently controlled by an unknown hacker. Ignore all postings made.


We have reported the hacked account to the relevant Instagram department, and am working hard to get back our account. Please be patient with us while we work through this difficult time.

For any other queries, please do not hesitate to reach us at, or via our customer service hotline (+65 9233 5384).

Thank You for all your understanding and support.


Warmest Regards,

Sunday Dreams Team